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Nancy & Gord's Cuban Vacation
Cuban Dancers


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Cuban Dancers
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One of the greatest experiences of our trip was meeting the people that work at the resort and seeing the amazing shows performed nightly by the dancers...

Our friends Ernesto & Yanelys.

While many other resorts feature a broader spectrum of entertainment, the Trinidad del Mar stays with a more traditional nightly show, emphasizing Afro-
Cuban and Caribbean culture.... of course, there are contests like Miss/Mr Trididad and other audience participation themes, but these only work if there is a crowd that's "up for it"....

Afro-Cuban show at the Trinidad del Mar

... the history of Cuba is a tumultuous one. Even before Castro's revolution, the country had been a hot spot for trouble, and many of the names honoured in Cuban music, dance and poetry have a rebellious heart at their core. The leader of the Taino tribe in Eastern Cuba, Hatuey, is regarded as the countries first rebel, and many dances, stories (and a beer brand) still exist around his name today...

Afro-Cuban show

The dancers at the resort work as "contract" basis employees and are not full fledged employees of the resort... they work for about 12-14 days on, then have 4 days off. They have meals and accomodations provided for and they are welcome to sit at dinner with hotel guests as long as they are "invited"...

Courtyard of Trinidad del Mar.

I had the pleasure to sit as judge for the Miss Trinidad contest (they wanted us to enter the Mr & Mrs Trinidad del Mar, but thankfully Nancy retired early & we were saved that humiliation!)... the successful candidate had to run around & kiss as many men (on the cheek) as she could within 30 seconds; pick her "dream lover" from the audience based on the resemblance of the man to her fave celebrity and other taudry things...

Traditional Spanish/Cuban costumed dancers.

... the winner was from Montreal (yeah!) and beat out ladies from Argentina and Spain... the Mr. Trinidad contest was a more hyper affair, with the suitors asked to carry their "dream girls" around the resort while serenading them with a rap tune... pretty bad, but funny.

Traditional Cuban dance.

... after a long day & entertaining night, it was into the hot tub, provided there weren't naked German tourists or hyperactive kids with waterwings around.