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Nancy & Gord's Cuban Vacation
Trinidad Del Mar Resort 2


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There were many little shops to purchase things on the resort, including a souvenir shop that sold cigars, rum, coffee, snacks, t-shirts etc... the price for clothing and snacks was reasonable and the cost for rum & cigars was comparable to the stores in Trinidad... however, we recommend that you bring lots of sunscreen and suntan lotion as prices run about $19 US per bottle....

Lobby Bar
Our favourite bar, with the best bartender in Cuba - Elpidio!

... the food was pretty typical of Cuban resorts - lots of pork, chicken, rice, pasta; catering more for European tastes (many Germans, Italians, French tourists)... there was a Restaurant located above the main buffet restaurant that you could book for free once during your stay... decent, but not outstanding - we would highly recommend ordering the lobster (not on the menu) in the buffet rest. ... you can book this at the front desk for a price of $15 US... definitely worth the money.... for adventurists, there's a small fishing village (La Boca) located 2 KM from the resort with dining choices...

Brisas Trinidad del Mar
The resort resembles the Spanish architecture of Trinidad - right down to the clocktower.

... since the resort is still new, it's realizing some growing pains. Much of the ground between the resort and the beach is still baron, but the staff were planting grass, flowers and mangrove plants to make the area a little more "tourist friendly"... of course, the pace in Cuba is slow compared to most countries and there is not much incentive to do a "hurry up job"...

Brisas Trinidad del Mar
Courtyard with swimming pool, massive hot-tub and "crazy pool games".

... though the weather was sunny during our stay, the temperature during the first week was COLD - about 25 Celcius in the day (brrr - heh, heh, heh), dipping to 16 Celcius at night with a strong north wind... definitely sweatshirt weather, but the Canadians weren't complaining! Most people couldn't even use the pool until the second week, when temps soared to a nice 33 degrees!

View from the tower
A look over the Peninsula Ancon towards Trinidad.

The staff at the resort was second to none... they especially appreciated anyone who was willing to participate in their games during the day - bingo, darts, pool tournament, Spanish lessons, "Crazy Pool Games" (freezing!), bartending lessons... the Animation team made everyone feel welcome, especially Duney, who had a new girlfriend every week!

Duney the Animation Guy!
Of the Cuban resorts we've been to, Brisas has the best staff by far!

When travelling to Cuba, it's a good idea to bring along a few gifts to give away to the people there. Anything is in demand, but especially soap, toothbrushes, lighters, toiletry items, rolls of money,  makeup - pretty much anything is appreciated. Oh yes, cash is king and it's all US bucks!  The resort staff work crazy hours, sometimes 6 days a week, so every little bit counts.

Best bartender in Cuba!
Showing Elpidio how to properly shake a Pina Colada!

... and a special shout out to our favourite barkeep - Elpidio! We were in awe of this guy the whole 2 weeks - watching him make a dozen or more Pina Coladas at once without breaking a sweat & still having time to talk up the tourists... pretty damn amazing!