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Nancy & Gord's Cuban Vacation
Trinidad Del Mar Resort 1


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The Brisas Trinidad del Mar resort is a newly opened 4 star all-inclusive hotel located approximately 5 kilometres from the Colonial town of Trinidad, Cuba on the Peninsula Ancon...

Brisas Trinidad del Mar - from our balcony.

Our flight left Toronto aboard Air Transat just after 4 pm Eastern time on January 3, 2002, flying a straight route over Pittsburgh, PA through to Gainesville, FL,  landing in Cienfuegos, Cuba at about 7:30 PM... can't remember the in-flight movie, which is probably a good thing...

Brisas Trinidad del Mar - the front gate of our resort, located on the Penisula Ancon.

... after a short and hassle-free walk through Customs, we boarded a bus from Cienfuegos and travelled 2 hours to the resort via darkened country roads... the ride was not without its frights (ie: dodging stray goats), but we managed to arrive unscathed...

Peninsula Ancon
The view from Brisas Trinidad del Mar, across the inlet to the colonial town of Trinidad.

Upon arrival we breezed through the hotel check-in and the valets loaded our luggage up to take to our room... though we had missed the Dinner Buffet, the staff reopened it so that we could eat - a nice touch not seen at many resorts.

Peninsula Ancon.
View across the inlet to the Sierra del Escambray mountain range, second largest in Cuba.

The week prior to our arrival had been unseasonably cold and had rained for five out of the seven days!!! Our first full day (Friday) was a mix of sun & cloud with rain in the late afternoon.... after the rain, the low system moved out of the area and was sunny for the next two weeks - we lucked out!
Note to self: next vacation, don't check the internet for weather reports twice a day.

Brisas Trinidad del Mar
Inside lobby from the front entrance.

The resort itself is still new and undergoing changes but very spacious and clean...  Our first week was without hot water but our representative offered a free day-tour in exchange for our inconvenience (some opted for a bottle of rum!). The staff were amazing and made our stay memorable...

The traditional Cuban dancers double as Animation Team members.

... resort workers make the equivalent of appoximately $12 US per month, but because they have food and accomodations, not to mention tips from tourists, it is one of the most desirable occupations in the country.... we met many former teachers/doctors etc. that switched to the hospitality industry because the money is better.